My name is Grace Ivana Carroll and I’m a writer based and brought up in London. I veer towards writing comedy with a tragic spin and often centre female and queer characters in my stories.

My first foray into writing was writing short films during my BA Film studies at Falmouth University. A lot of people on the course had a lot of interest making films but no one seemed to be that interested in writing one so I used to write the films for my aspiring director friends and act as an unofficial script doctor on their projects (just call me the Carrie Fisher of Cornwall)  One called Repossessing Tim won the audience award at Pixelate Film Festival. After university, knowing that I wanted to continue to write, I studied MA Scriptwriting at London College of Communication. Whilst studying I found my passion for playwriting and started a scratch night with my fellow students called ‘E and C Writers Night’ at the Horse and Stables pub where we would test out works in progress and have a go at this theatre thing

Since then my love for theatre has grown and I have had short plays performed at Bunker Theatre, Tristan Bates, Southwark playhouse, Theatre N16 and Theatre 503. My short play Swipe was selected for the Little Pieces of Gold showcase, and later selected to be published in the first Little Pieces of Gold Collection Short plays with Great Roles for Women published by Routledge.

In the middle of this, I started a theatre company with my friend Bryony Cole Screw Theatre, with the goal of making funny feminist theatre. We wrote a full length play Wet a comedy about two friends who try to make a feminist porn film. This had a reading at Hope Theatre, a run at Theatre N16 from April 29th- May 3rd and Perdu Theatre Amsterdam in October 2018.

I am currently working on a full-length version of one of my short plays.