Drag Baby


‘All you have to do is spunk into a little pot. Which is a little weird but you only have to do it once.’

Dan, a misanthropic drag queen in his mid-thirties, only has one thing on his mind – to get on tv and become famous. That is until he’s visited by Sally, his only ever girlfriend who asks him to donate sperm so she and her now girlfriend can have a baby.

As Dan grapples with the decision, the pair grow closer and have to confront their respective pasts and the reasons why they became estranged.

Drag Baby is a tender play that infuses drag acts into the narrative, using comedy, dance and music to tell an intimate story about friendships, growing up, and how to create your own family as a queer person.

Originally programmed as part of VAULT Festival 2022. Drag Baby is currently in R&D with development funding from Arts Council England.

Drag Baby (Short)

Saffia Kavaz

A drag queen is visited by an old friend that he hasn’t seen in years, who has an unusual request… As they catch up secrets and old grievances come to light.

A short play performed at Southwark Playhouse as part of Full Disclosure LGBTQI+ new writing night “Xposed”.


Wet production shot
Elsie (Bryony Cole) and Holly (Tamsin Newlands) at Theatre N16/ © Jessica Morris

A comedy play examining women’s relationship with porn and sex in media. Holly, frustrated by the porn out there, comes up with an idea to make a feminist porn film for women. Sophie hurt and lost after discovering her ex-boyfriend is in a serious relationship with someone else, agrees to help make it. On the way, they make some discoveries about their own desires and sexuality.

Extracts of Wet have been shown at E and C Writers Night 23 February 2017, Herstory: A Feminist Theatre festival on 4th November 2016, and Bunker Theatre new writing night on May 18th 2017.

The play had a week run a Theatre N16 from April 29th 2018 to four and five star reviews and sold out performances. It was subsequently performed in Amsterdam at Perdu Theatre in October 2018.

“By confronting a serious matter in a playful and comic way, Cole and Carroll manage to start the conversation about women and porn as naturally as asking if someone wants a cup of tea.” ★★★★★ Ruth Cornish Writes

“As a comedy, WET‘s unabashed scrutiny of porn’s tropes will have the audience laughing. It is, however, on the subject of what women really do want and do, versus what they ‘should’ where the pertinent issues surface.”★★★★ Breaking the Fourth Wall

“Pornography is created for the male gaze. This is a fact, something that is wholly unfair, and an issue that Screw Productions aren’t going to take lying down. WET is two women’s journey through the myriad of porn, break ups and personal sexual discovery, and leaves the audience feeling hopeful for the future of feminist sexual gratification.” ★★★★ Underdog Reviews


DVXUKUMWAAAbKXYTwo friends who meet up three times in the same café to discuss their different experiences with the dating app Tinder.

A short play performed at Southwark Playhouse Little Pieces of Gold on 4th February 2018.

Included in Little Pieces of Gold Collection Short Plays with Great Roles for Women published by Routledge in October 2019.

Women of Unsound Mind

A full-length play chronicling journalist Nellie Bly’s time spent in a women’s lunatic asylum in 1887. A play about mental illness, being shunned by society and the strength of female friendship in perilous conditions.

An extract of this play was performed at E and C Writers Scratch night on 20th September 2016 and Herstory Feminist Theatre Festival on 10th October 2016

You can watch a clip from our scratch night performance below.

Women of Unsound Mind Scratch Night extract. from Grace Carroll on Vimeo.

Read the first ten pages: Women of Unsound Mind (PDF)